Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Zero Sum Art Project

I've started a new little thing called the "Zero Sum Art Project", exploring the strange alchemy involved in turning base materials into art. If you want to learn more, or be on the ground floor and own the first little Zero Sum drawing, visit my new eBay account made specifically for this event, at zero_sum_art.

Update: I've created a separate Zero Sum Art blog to record all of the ins and outs of this project in absurdly obsessive detail, for your blogging pleasure.


alex said...

Great idea. Thanks for your kind words on my blog... We try... and try and try harder...

I'm convinced there is a new literature about to be born of the smashing of midea together on the PC (cell phone,t.v....etc) screen.

Marc Snyder said...

Hi Alex,

I'm convinced of that too, and I think you're as far down that path as anyone I've seen. There are some really impressive things happening in your work. Thanks for stopping by!