Wednesday, December 06, 2006

What To Draw and How To Draw It

What To Draw and How To Draw It - Model


shadowsandclouds said...

hee, like this lots and lots! so, you i did lino printing at secondary school, 12 years ago, once! but you inpsired me to give it another go, to make christmas cards! thanks! one question... i don't have a printing press, and i don't have a good memory from my school days, ...having cut the block, rolled out the ink on a glass panel (if i remember correctly!) and then onto the lino, am i better putting the paper on the lino and pressing down right? not lino on top of paper... any quick handy hints for elementary homemade lino printing? sorry, and thanks a lot, for the inspiration and eventual help! have a good day!

Marc Snyder said...

Thanks, I'm glad you like it!

And welcome aboard to linocut!

You are correct, put the paper on top of the inked block. A wide flat wooden spoon will work for applying pressure, or you might want to buy a baren - an inexpensive version should be available at a local art supply store - as it gives you wider, more even pressure. Let me know how it goes!!

shadowsandclouds said...

thanks a lot! i'll let you know!

christopher cunningham said...

love it marc. really dandy.

Ellis Nadler said...

good eye, dear
good idea
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