Friday, October 05, 2007

Animated Etching Proofs

One of the many nice things about making an etching is that you are left with a trail of proofs, that document what you were thinking and the decisions you made along the way. I'm a firm believer in the thinking-while-making school of art - I do my best thinking when I'm pushing the materials around. So I like to jump into a plate, get something on it, scrape it off, put something else on, until things start to come together. And this animation gives a little sense of how that process looks.

The final image is a collage, Zero Sum #23

which is the most recent finished work in the Zero Sum Art Project. If you would like to see a larger image, visit the auction on eBay.

After I finished that Zero Sum #23, I went back to work on the etching plate. I decided I liked the vulture a lot, so I scraped out one of the bird heads and socked in a nice black aquatint, from which I will carve a vulture. We'll see what happens. . . if nothing else, a lot more proofs, no doubt.

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Susan Constanse said...

Really nice, Marc. It is interesting to see the process.