Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Give The People What They Want: "Art Project"

Curious visitors may have noticed the tiny sitemeter logo at the bottom of this blog. This meter provides all kinds of interesting statistics, beyond a simple count of how many people have viewed the site. Of these, I find the "referrals" stats the most intriguing. These referrals tell me how each visitor found the site - what search terms they may have used that led them to one of the entries on this blog. Now, the sad truth is, many of the folks that visit this blog are undoubtedly disappointed by what they find. Searchers for "how to draw a mermaid" or useful tips on visiting Fiji find nothing of use whatsoever here. So, I decided that I could try to give the people what they want. One of the common searches that brings surfers here is "art project", and I'm afraid that they're not finding what they are looking for. So, to correct this lapse in content, here's a FIMP special edition "art project":


Looking for that perfect art project that explores both Minimalism and macaroni? Here it is - your own diorama of Eva Hesse's "Repetition Nineteen III"!

To make this project, you'll need 19 pieces of small rigatoni, two pieces of foamcore, and a picture of Eva Hesse (optional).

1. Arrange the foamcore to make the clean white modern space of the Museum of Modern Art.

2. Deploy the macaroni somewhat randomly on the museum floor.

3. Place Eva Hesse behind the macaroni.

Luckily, the placement of the macaroni is variable, as Hesse stated that "I don't ask that the piece be moved or changed, only that it could be moved and changed. There is not one preferred format." This eliminates the need for glue.

You can learn more about "Repetition Nineteen III" by visiting the Museum of Modern Art's website. Be sure to pay attention to the sexual connotations of the empty vessel forms, as this is info that you can use to embarrass your teacher and get him or her to move on to the next student's project.


Steven LaRose said...

Hah! I'm going to repost that over at my blog tonight. First, however, I have to come up with a version appropriate for "Fish or Cut Bait" which is my number one blog search hook. It really scared me for a paranoid month or two when I had hundreds of ".gov" and military looking visitors until I remembered that everyone was buzzing about "Cut and Run" there for awhile.

Well done Marc. I must admit I've been lazy with my own blog-as-art agenda.

MB said...

as a completely uneducated and uninformed but passionately interested observer i have to say: i've been to MoMa, i've seen the piece, your project is a near perfect interpretation of it, and eva's presence is bonus! well done! (and very encouraging, i think eva would have approved)

Anonymous said...

BRILLIANT!!! Big laffs over here, Marc -- Hey, you never know where this could develop.

Crazy about sitemeter, isn't it? I obsess about it sometimes. Might just take the damned thing off.

Great post.

Steven LaRose said...

I never got around to "re-posting" sorry.

Seanan said...

XD she actually didn't see/intend any sexual connotations when she made this, but I like the idea. Funny.