Thursday, July 31, 2008

Optical Realities

Remember when you were a kid and figured out "optical illusions"? Not necessarily how they worked, but the kind of thing to look for? You grew suspicious about trusting your eyes when it came to which this or that was bigger or longer or closer? Sort of like when you learned that if someone tells you a story starting with "So this guy. . ." it's going to be a joke. Well, that learned-wariness was what I was reminiscing about when I made "Optical Realities".

This little book had illustrations designed to trip up the smart-ass thirteen year-old in all of us that is wise to the way of optical illusions. Despite everything your cynical, illusion wary mind tells you, in these little images your eyes actually get it right. If it looks bigger, it is bigger.

"Optical Realities" was a FIMP "Book of the Month" back in 2004.

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