Thursday, March 05, 2009

A Visual History of the George W. Bush Presidency

This linocut is my contribution to “A Visual History of the George W. Bush Presidency”, a print portfolio organized by William Mathie, John Lysak and Franz Spohn. Here's the premise of the portfolio:
President Bush has stated repeatedly that history will be the judge of his presidency. Upon the conclusion of President Bush’s tenure as President, this portfolio will use images and printmaking media to begin writing the history of his years in office. All images in the portfolio will be inspired by specific news accounts from major newspapers/news agencies. Each artist will choose the story that inspires the print they create. There is no predetermined political agenda for artist participants.

My linocut is a response to THREATS AND RESPONSES: SECURITY; Bush to Outline Doctrine of Striking Foes First, By DAVID E. SANGER, Published: September 20, 2002.

The portfolio, consisting of eighteen prints with slip sheets that reproduce the corresponding articles, will be on display at the upcoming Southern Graphics Council Conference in Chicago. The portfolio will also enter the permanent collections of the Southern Graphics Council; Anchor Graphics at Columbia College, Chicago; and the Edinboro University Printmaking/Egress Press and Research, the Erie Art Museum.

Here in Pittsburgh, the portfolio will be on display at AIR. I'll be sure to post the dates of that exhibition when I have them.


Mary Klein said...

Congratulations, Marc - well deserved!

Marc Snyder said...

Thanks Mary!

I'll be excited to see the whole portfolio - there are some pretty fantastic printmakers involved, I'm lucky to be included.

Julie Sadler said...

nice work. i am impressed.

Marc Snyder said...

Thanks Julie!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work Marc! You're making me worry about my piece for the project! Carter Scaggs here. I corresponded with Marti on Facebook and saw the link to this site. Congrats on the kids! I am still at Collin College. My site is here:

Take care!