Friday, May 21, 2010

"Moore's Law is a violation of Murphy's Law. Everything Gets Better and Better"

Subscribers to the FIMP book club can start looking in their mailboxes for this month's book, as it went to the post office today. Here's page 4:

This was a fun book for me, as it grew in ways that I really enjoyed. There are two poles to the way these books develop. One end of the spectrum is when I come up with an idea or storyline or concept for the book that is ready-to-go - I just need to execute it. I don't really trust that model. Fortunately, things always grow more complex as I try to bring that idea to life, so the book usually exceeds in interest the limitations of the initial idea. The other pole is where I just have a seed to start from - some little "wouldn't it be fun to work with that", and see where it takes me. That usually produces a better book.

This one started from an impulse to make a book without using the computer or photography. Just me and a pen. No subject matter or content concerns at the beginning, just the idea of stepping away from the digital for a while. From there I went to working with small still life objects, then I had to decide what objects would make sense or complement this retreat from the digital. . . I ultimately chose to draw things that were both mechanical or organic or both, and things that somehow dealt with the passage of time. And the text ultimately grew from the objects.

In other words, I learned a little bit about why I had certain things cluttering up my studio and my head by making the book. That's far more interesting to me than simply illustrating something I already "knew".

To be true to the "concept" I had to draw the logo as well.

Now, back to the sketchbook, camera and mousepad. . .

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