Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And here it is. . .

The final print! The block has been cut a bit more since the scan was taken in the previous post - the first proofs looked really chunky. I managed to trim up some lines without cutting the little guy's head off, or some similar catastrophe, which made me happy.

And since we're getting rid of stressful suspense in this post, the answer to the Art Quiz from August 25 is Carolee Schneeman's "Interior Scroll". Yep, that's the scroll itself.


Edward_ said...


shadowsandclouds said...

this really is very beautiful indeed. i saw the block before you printed it, and wanted to come back to see the finished results! great! what book is this for, out of curiousity?

Marc Snyder said...

Hi shadowsandclouds!

Thanks, and thanks to you also, edward! This image is for "Prof, One Guy Talking" by Bob Kunzinger, published by all nations press - If you want to see it with the typeset check it out here.

I also made the cover for Robert Miltner's "Rock the Boat", which you can also find on the all nations site.

The type I set for "Prof" is a bit obscured at the smaller reproduced size on the website, but it's legible on the full size book.

Thanks for looking!

Dr. Falken said...

It was interesting to see how the picture evolved. Originally it seemed it was your intention to show a figure speaking, and the audience was undefined. The finished product shows row after row of empty seats in an empty field, and has a desolate feel (at least to me). Is no one interested in what the prof has to say? Or is he just there early?

Marc Snyder said...

Hi Dr. F!
I was shooting for talking to the empty room, with little hope of an audience. . . the desolate feeling is right on target. Thanks for looking!