Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Missing Cowboy

Here in Central Texas I drive between my home in Austin and Lockhart (just a bit south) to shoot photos for the local paper in Lockhart. When I started my drives for this job at the beginning of this year, I noticed a large cowboy sign on the side of the road near the halfway point of my journey. The cowboy is only visible when heading south, toward Lockhart. One cold late February evening I stopped to photograph the cowboy. I felt like it was a symbol for Texas. Is it just coincidence that the cowboy is racing westward and can only be seen when traveling south?
Recently, I noticed that the cowboy is gone - the intersection of the small road and highway (Briarpatch Ranch & HWY 183) goes unnoticed now. I miss the cowboy sign - if anyone knows the whereabouts of a 25 foot tall cowboy on horseback, let me know.

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