Sunday, August 26, 2007

Toddler Photography

Here we see my toddler daughter's first foray into photography, a no-holds-barred, impressively unsentimental image of her old man. Most of her energy in the studio to date has been directed towards her installations, "scatter pieces" that display an impressive disregard for creating objects with any kind of permanence.

In making this photograph, she craftily transferred some of the strategies that she has used in her installation work to raise interesting questions about authorship and the role of the subject in the taking of a "portrait". Her method involved tossing a disposable camera on to the floor in front of her subject, seemingly by accident. I was unaware that she had managed to both wind the camera and prime the flash. Upon reaching down to pick up the camera, the flash fires, and an image that certainly resonates as a portrait from a toddler eye's view is created.

That's genius, folks!


Anonymous said...

LOL! That's great!! Like parents like daughter!

BTW... didn't know you were a dad now. Isn't life wonderful?!?

Marc Snyder said...

Hi Sonya!
yep, a dad x 2 now. They're fantastic, and have added a great deal of wonder to life, absolutely.