Thursday, February 07, 2008

Big Tiny People

I've been making lots of collages recently, and some of them incorporated vintage postcards from Paris. I was swabbing the decks of my drawing table this morning, putting the new "Book of the Month" together, and I found a tiny scrap of a card. There were several people walking in the foreground, each about 3/16" high. Here they are.

These are figures from a photograph. The scrap has lost its specific reference - the landmark that was the reason for the postcard - and I'm left with these completely anonymous people. They seem very particular in some ways - they aren't from here and now - but they're also tiny fragments of incomplete information. Aren't they kind of wonderful?

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Judith Hoffman said...

I love these little people. They seem so mysterious. We should see the face of the one on top, but don't. And what is that cyclist thinking about those two people? They have their own little story.