Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sculpture between your ears, part II

So, a couple of months ago I offered you some Free Bad Luck, a sculpture that I felt was just as effective when made in your head as it would be if I went to the trouble of actually knocking it together. Here's another one.

Get yourself four chairs. The one's above are just a suggestion, this is your sculpture, use any chairs you want. Add a longish rectangular table. Put three chairs on one side, and one on the other. Now, here's where it gets fun. You're going to make two sculptures, one in which the single chair is the most powerful one, and one in which that chair is the place you don't want to be. For the first sculpture, slide all four chairs up to the table, three on one side, one on the other. Who sits in the single chair? The CEO, the person in charge. For sculpture number two, take that single chair and slide it away from the table, maybe five or six feet. Now who's in charge? That single chair has become the hotseat, and the three chairs have become the inquisitors.

I was given that little mental sculpture by J. P. Darriau, a wonderful sculpture professor at I.U. who taught a drawing class that was taken by all of the printmaking graduate students. He was certainly one of the most unique and engaging professors I encountered there. I'm guessing he picked up this idea from Augusto Boal's Games for Actors and Non-actors, specifically the "Great Game of Power". J.P. tended to dump an enormous amount of interesting stuff on his classes, and just hoped we would sift something useful out of what he threw at us. It was great.

For those following the election news, "Hats Versus Cigarettes" is winning the race for next month's book, with 6 votes, compared to three votes for "How To Draw B. F. Skinner" and one vote for combining the two. Scroll down a couple of posts, and vote for the book you want to see made. Voting closes on February 25!

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