Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Here's a pair of linocuts I just finished for "Crossings", a book to be produced soon by Clampdown Press. I'll keep you posted as to the availability of the finished product. This pair of prints will be the title page and the facing page - the geese crossing from one panel to the other. . .


Steven LaRose said...


Stephen Falken said...

Genius. Clearly the right panel is intended to convey the "right" political party, and the left panel represents the "left". I note with a wry smile that the majority of the birds on the left have their wings pointed up in a positive aspect, while those on the right point down. The only exceptions are those found nearest the opposing panels. Furthermore, I agree with your all-too-obvious predictions for the coming elections.

My only complaint is with the left to right implied motion of the piece. While it's true that some individuals drift to the right, politically, as they age, it's impossible to determine the prevailing winds in the picture, as there are no leaves on the tree. Perhaps they have been eaten by locusts (Haliburton).

The exercise for the viewer, of course, is to imagine the eyesight of the unseen hunter.