Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cubist Garden Rabbit

To this point, most of my two-year old daughter's artistic efforts have been in 2-d media; crayons, markers, and photography (see here and here).

Her forays into 3-d have been primarily installation/environments, using various scatter techniques. These are often quite ambitious and energetic, but lack some of the discipline of the traditional sculptural media. Today she has produced her first non-Lego free-standing sculpture, an untitled piece that obviously owes a great debt to both Cubism and our 100 pound dog, who during one of his mad romps actually managed to knock the ear off of a concrete rabbit.


Steven LaRose said...

Children have an inherent "feel" for the space time continuum and so the multiple points of view contained within a piece of a cubism come naturally to them. That is, until about five years old, when many start their formal Western education.

We don't have any yardart. I've always wanted something.

What kind of dog do you have?

Marc Snyder said...

Hi Steven!

Our big boy is a chocolate lab. He's a real goofball. He's gained a lot of weight since he convinced our daughter that it was a lot of fun to throw her leftover dinner in his bowl. Now he's on a diet.

Steven LaRose said...

Hey we have a chocolate brownie thunder dog too! She's a mere 70 lbs. however.