Monday, June 11, 2007

50 Places

Subscriber's to the Fiji Island Mermaid Press Book of the Month Club should already have "50 Places I've Already Seen". It's an autobiography of sorts, playing off of the popular "1000 Places You Should See Before You Die". Part of FIMP's way of seeing things is to try and love the place you're at - that's something I learned from dogs and babies. So this book celebrates those places that you probably didn't plan your trip around, but are awfully darn wonderful anyway. Everyone's list would be different - a self-portrait.

The artist as a young man, searching for the fountain of youth at the Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum

The image above didn't make it into the book, but is undoubtedly a formative one. I think that's the first place I encountered the Fiji Island Mermaid. It's amazing that I can type this blog entry, considering what those crocodiles were doing to my hands.

In other news, the Zero Sum Art Project continues on its merry way, with Zero Sum #16 currently up for sale. Visit the auction on eBay to see the entire painting/collage.