Thursday, April 24, 2008

one of the "Principals"

This week's theme over on Ten Thousand Pixels is "blood on your hands", highlighting the top Bush administration officials who discussed and approved the use of torture as one of our tools in the "war on terror".

I thought the image above stood out as just a wonderfully creepy and interesting composition. Those eyes going in two different directions, and that half-mouth, in that little square. . .

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cubist Garden Rabbit

To this point, most of my two-year old daughter's artistic efforts have been in 2-d media; crayons, markers, and photography (see here and here).

Her forays into 3-d have been primarily installation/environments, using various scatter techniques. These are often quite ambitious and energetic, but lack some of the discipline of the traditional sculptural media. Today she has produced her first non-Lego free-standing sculpture, an untitled piece that obviously owes a great debt to both Cubism and our 100 pound dog, who during one of his mad romps actually managed to knock the ear off of a concrete rabbit.

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Chairman of the Board, Mermaid Style

Subscribers to the FIMP Book of the Month Club will already have received "Hats Versus Cigarettes", an explanation of Big Tobacco's conspiracy to kill hats as a way to save cigarettes. Attentive readers may have noticed the FIMP logo above, in which the usual Fiji Mermaid was replaced with a Frank Sinatra/monkey/fish hybrid. I amused myself by digging around in the FIMP filing cabinet to find more examples of times when I've tweaked the logo, and I thought they just might amuse you. So here they are.

Two Stories

Burnt Cookies

Understanding Quantum Mechanics

We the People

Explorations of the Human Form in Contemporary Sculpture

Interested surfers might want to see a mostly complete list of the 85 or so Fiji Island Mermaid Press books produced so far.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Here's a pair of linocuts I just finished for "Crossings", a book to be produced soon by Clampdown Press. I'll keep you posted as to the availability of the finished product. This pair of prints will be the title page and the facing page - the geese crossing from one panel to the other. . .