Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ruben's Tube and the sex life of insects.

This is the way physics should be taught:

And wouldn't kids know their bugs if biology class were full of green porno?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

10,000 Pixels: where's the art?

If you haven't been over to Ten Thousand Pixels recently, I'd encourage you to spend a little time over there and see what we've been up to. This past week's posts were a bit of a twist on the format - each image was a link to some other site on the web. I provided the image and the link, and Steven LaRose provided the commentary.

This arrangement got me to pondering where, if it exists at all, is the art in this past week's posts? For some of the 10,000 Pixels posts, the "art" is the actual image - it's meant to stand alone as the thing under consideration. For others, the art is more the connection between the image and the week's theme, or the title of the post, or the post's label. The connection between the verbal and the visual, and not either element itself, is the artwork.

What I liked about this past week is that the "art" is somewhere between two different spots on the web. The images - mostly details of fairly well-known artwork - play off of the content found when you follow the link. So the art is in the connection, and it's a connection that's fairly unique to the web. So it seems to me that the "art" is very specific to the medium, which for me was one of the goals of the blog in the first place.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

in the studio, creeping along.

I need to get a good detail of the little castle - there's some nice stuff going on there.

Friday, August 08, 2008

in the studio, back to the drawing board.

Well, keep the good bits and keep going. This is the current state of the drawing from a couple of days ago.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

life on mars, the Treasure Room

David Shrigley, I'm Dead, taxidermy kitten with wooden sign and acrylic paint
photo from the "life on mars" website, link below

I just spent a very engaging couple of hours with the life on mars exhibit at the Carnegie Museum of Art. This 58th edition of the Carnegie International may be old news to y'all (Susan Constanse did a number of excellent posts about the various artists in the show over on her blog), but with a toddler and an infant to juggle, I just don't get out as often as I used to, and this was the first chance I've had to see the show.

Anyway, if you haven't gone yet and end up at the Museum sometime this year (the show closes 1/11/09), be sure to check out David Shrigley's work in the Treasure Room. It was a perfect use for this little space off of the sculpture balcony that usually houses cases full of precious little ceramic-ish objects. I previously knew David Shrigley primarily through his drawings, and it was great to see these objects. I don't know if the installation in the Treasure Room was his idea or the curator's, but it was a wonderful use of the site to amplify the absurdity of the objects. Great stuff.