Thursday, October 12, 2006

A new linocut and a strange postcard.

Should you need some new art in your life, you might want to visit FIMP's auctions on eBay. You'll find "Recital", a new linocut, a detail of which you see here, and a new "collaborative" postcard project. Check 'em out.


shadows and clouds said...

Beautiful! Really like your style :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Can you give us a hint about the subjects of your current works that you mention in the ebay description (other subjects in wide open spaces)?

Marc Snyder said...

Thanks shadowsandclouds and stephen!

Stephen, a few of the things I've been poking around with include a man on a cell-phone, someone looking through binoculars (a little postcard sized version of that is in an earlier blogpost), a magician on a stage or some other performer, a wide-receiver in an open field, and an officer at a periscope. Placing these figures in awkward spots in the composition interests me. Whether any of them will resolve into finished prints - only time will tell - the mystery of the studio.

The "Prof" linocut fits into this series as well. "Jean-Paul Sartre Thinks About Nothing" from 2003 is a print I've been thinking about lately, too. We'll see what happens!