Friday, August 03, 2007

Box. And books in books.

Subscribers to FIMP's Book of the Month Club should be receiving "Box" in their own boxes in the next day or two.

As with the Verse collages, "Box" is partially a spinoff from work I'm doing for the Zero Sum Art Project. The imagery in "Box" starts with photographs of a 2 foot cube I've built as a stage for photographing and drawing objects that have accumulated in the Zero Sum studio. Plato wasn't very impressed with artists, as he felt that we just further obscured peoples' view of reality, and I think that "Box" would just reinforce his poor opinion of us. Sorry, Plato!

In other Book-of-the-Month news, "Thinking about Thinking" will be reproduced in a textbook about digital photography this fall.

"Light & Lens: Photography in the Digital Age is as an introductory text that clearly and concisely instructs people in the fundamental, “forever” aesthetic and technical building blocks necessary to create thought-provoking digitally based photographs and features works of 150 international artists." (from author Robert Hirsch's website, Light Research).

Robert Hirsch does fantastic work - explore his site! His "World In A Jar" is a recent installation that is really amazing.

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