Monday, October 01, 2007

Analog Digital Disorder


"Circling" is my contribution to a 26 artist exchange portfolio that will be exhibited at the Impact 5 International Multidisciplinary Printmaking Conference in Talinn, Estonia. The portfolio was organized by Dusty Herbig around the theme "Analog Digital Disorder", to complement the conference's overall theme of "Slices of Time".

The exchange portfolio, for those of you who may not have run across such a thing before, is one of the pleasures of printmaking. The basic idea is that artists are invited to create an edition of prints equal to the number of participants in the portfolio, plus one or two for exhibiting institutions. Frequently the artists will be asked to create work of a certain size, with imagery based on a certain theme; in this case, all of the prints are 12" square, based on the theme of "Analog Digital Disorder". The curator assembles all of the prints, making portfolios that include one print from each artist. These portfolios are then returned to the artists, who now have a print from each member of the exchange. The extra portfolio or two are exhibited or enter the collection of some sponsoring institution. So, an invitation to participate in an exchange portfolio means a sizable addition to your print collection, along with an exhibition opportunity or two. It's a pretty nifty deal.


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Wish we were going to see it on ebay.

Marc Snyder said...

Thanks! Sorry about the ebay thing - they're all going off in the portfolio.

I do, however, have an image up for auction that I made while working on this one, which includes a vulture, bombers, money raining from the skies, and a bombed out city with truth and wisdom in peril (whew) here:

which will show up as a blog post soon, no doubt.