Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Toddler Taunts Termites.

My two year old daughter continues her exploration of sculpture with this piece, her first truly site-specific work. What at first appears to be a fairly decorative effort, a simple arrangement of carefully chosen twigs, becomes more complex when the site itself is taken into consideration. A full appreciation of this piece depends on the viewer recognizing those three white circular patches of cement for what they are - the evidence of a recent battle with a termite infestation. The placing of twigs directly over the holes where the underlying soil was drenched with pesticide designed to kill wood-eating insects creates a powerful tension - a juxtaposition of food and poison. Is she taunting the termites, or is this some kind of peace-offering? Is she acknowledging that termites have a rightful place in the world, as long as it isn't in our basement?

Her preliminary studies for this piece, one of which is seen below, shed little light on her intent. They seem to focus primarily on the formal qualities of the work, giving little hint of the complex content in the finished piece.

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Steven LaRose said...

Has she decided on Cal Arts or the London School of Economics?