Monday, July 21, 2008

"Grid Action", and the Book of the Month

In a performance piece created multiple times throughout the exhibition, Snyder throws herself to the pavement. This gesture, despite its somewhat casual quality, always succeeds in making a powerful visual impression.

The fluid form of the artist’s body plays dramatically against the rigid modernist grid. Defying the deadly uniformity of these concrete squares, Snyder brings life to the barren sidewalks, ultimately creating images of healing and hope.

Text and image from this month's FIMP Book of the Month, an exhibition catalog of my daughter's first solo show, documenting sculptural work and performance pieces created in our urban residential Pittsburgh neighborhood.


John Morris said...

I would like it if she broke the grid more.

Marc Snyder said...

well, she's working on a long-term project she calls "growth piece", and she anticipates that this will bring even greater variety to "grid action" in the future. . .