Friday, November 21, 2008

Who would actually wear that?

So, with the holiday season almost here, the daily pile of catalogs in the mailbox is measured in pounds. The poor postman - it's as if a couple of Artforums arrived each day.

Invariably, several of these catalogs contain t-shirts that leave me wondering "who in the world would wear that?" You know the kind, shirts with jokes about farts and humping dogs, that kind of thing. I wonder who says "that is JUST the thing I need, perfect for every occasion", or, perhaps, "my friend would just pee herself if she got this for Christmas".

Well, harnessing the power of the internet, I thought I'd find out. I did a little study, making shirts for both the "I gotta have this" and the "wouldn't that just be the best gift" scenarios.

The "couldn't have said it better myself" shirt:

And the "finally, my shopping is finished" shirt:

If you want to participate in this study by owning or giving one of these fine pieces of clothing, you need to visit who WOULD wear this?, the FIMP fashion store.

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