Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Printmakers Today

I am delighted to tell you that six of my linocuts have been included in Printmakers Today, a beautiful, 256 page, full color book presenting the original prints of 63 contemporary artists. Each artist is represented by six images and an artist's statement. The reproductions average about 4" x 6", with some like my Justice linocut reproduced at 6" x 9".

All of the artists represented in the book are artist-printmakers. In other words, these aren't artists who work primarily in another medium and have been invited to make prints by a professional shop - these are all folks who have ink in their blood. It's great to see a collection of top-notch original prints by true printmakers lovingly reproduced in full color in such a handsome hardcover book.

Printmakers Today is published by Schiffer Publishing. It was expertly compiled and edited by Jeffrey B. Snyder. Amazon has listed a release date of June 1. It's a real winner, you should add it to your library.

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