Monday, January 10, 2011

Do You Recall?

Here's the latest book from the FIMP Book of the Month Club." So you thought Rudolph was the only mutant reindeer that isolated herd at the North Pole produced? Think again!


J.S. Brooks said...

WOW. Really wonderful. Thanks for expanding my horizons. Did the rest of the reindeer also forbid these mutants from playing reindeer games until they'd proved their worth to Santa (reindeer can be such hypocrites and total brown nosers)?

Marc Snyder said...

I'm afraid the other reindeer were just as awful towards Rudolph's brothers-in-anomaly until they proved their worth. They really are horrible that way. It's truly a rotten example for kids. You can be different as long as you turn out to be heroic and extraordinarily useful. Otherwise, no reindeer games for you.

After far too many viewings of Rudolph over the past two years, I've decided the only character I really like is the Head Elf. He's just put-upon and trying to get a big job done. Unlike the reindeer who persecuted Rudolph for being different, you can tell he couldn't care less if Hermie wants to be a dentist or not, as long as he made toys and hee-heed and ho-hoed and wiggled his ears and chuckled warmly. He just wants all the elves on board to get a big job done. He's not nasty like the reindeer, he's just stressed. And he's got the best voice.

bob burdette said...

Your mutant reindeer are great, especially the cthulhu like squid deer.
Btw thanks for the comments on robot on holiday.