Sunday, April 03, 2011

I made this dopey little book 10 years ago. . .

So I'm heading into year number 12 of making these little eight page books. I try to make one each month, and I mail them out to subscribers to the FIMP book of the month club.

I'm slowly posting the artwork from these books on Flickr, figuring that if I'm going to spend more than a decade doing something I might as well get it out there. Here are the
first 19 (out of 105) FIMP books that I've uploaded so far.

Here is this month's book, How To Be A Stand-Up Comic In Three Easy Steps.

I tried to model it as closely as possible on a book I made in 2001, How To Be A Magician In Three Easy Steps.

I used to do a lot more collage of the cut it out and glue it down sort back then. These days much more of it happens in the computer. My dopey sense of humor hasn't changed much in ten years, though. My standards for how the books have to look have gotten higher. Or at least, a bit more labor intensive - doesn't necessarily make for a "better" book. I guess you could be the judge of that. Sometimes I like the polish, sometimes I like the ragged edges. . .

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Words We Women Write said...

Hi Marc, the woodcut I posted is my absolute favorite of all time. So glad you saw it on our site and gave me some oars to paddle over to Fiji Island. It doesn’t appear to be tropical, uninhabited or uncharted but it’s my kind of Paradise. Thank you!