Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lynda Barry thinks about why adults don't draw.

"One idea I have is, the big change that happens in drawing is when a kid is drawing, the paper is a place for an experience. At some point, the paper transforms into a thing that is good or bad, rather than a place where the paper itself isn't -- you've seen kids draw and they don't give a shit [afterward], they just leave [the drawing] on the table. An adult spends the same amount of time [drawing] and they don't know what to do with it. What's it for? They get freaked out about what this thing might be for because there's this idea that it's for something. They don't do that when they take a walk or a bike ride. They don't take a bike ride and then go, "Man, what do I do with this now? I don't know if that was really good. I felt like this was a good bike ride," but then they saw this video and, "No, it wasn't a good bike ride." [Laughs]"

Lynda Barry, thinking about why adults stop drawing.

from an interview with Chris Mautner

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Judith Hoffman said...

thanks for this Marc - the interview is inspiring. I love Lynda Barry, Picture This is a fantastic book.