Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'll hate to see it go.

When FIMP's resident philosopher Paul Moriarty was visiting the other day, he looked at our Phrenology head and said "I wonder who will break it first, the dog or the baby?". Ever since then I've been a bit wistful looking at it, as Paul seemed pretty certain about its fate, and his prediction seemed pretty reasonable. But it's an ill cloud that blows no silver linings (or something), and in this case my pre-loss nostalgia has got me thinking about what an odd and wonderful thing the Phrenology head is, this relic of discarded science, and you can probably look for it in some sort of role in an upcoming Book of the Month.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, take heart. Williamsburg's former eminent head archaeologist (well, he's still eminent but now retired) Ivor Noel Hume once stated that 90 percent of everything man has made in the last 300 years has been destroyed. The old Phren. head has already beaten the odds, sailing through time's rough waters for far longer than the "science" it represented survived. Who knows, it may be destined for antiquity yet!