Monday, August 21, 2006

Welcome to the Fiji Island Mermaid Press blog

The FIMP blog will post all things fimpish - bits of news related to the goings-on of the artists at the Fiji Island Mermaid Press, and items that might be of interest to that type of intelligent, inquisitive, art-loving and discerning person who subscribes to the FIMP Book of the Month Club.

Be sure to visit the homepage of the Fiji Island Mermaid Press!


laurelpaley said...

Hello FIMP. Odd that you are in Pittsburgh and not on Fiji, but I digress. I was thrilled to see an artist's book person....... I'll poke around longer, later. Thanks so much for the comment on MY blog, and congrats on the move.

Anonymous said...

I predict the dog will break the phrenology head. He can jump higher than the baby, who'd rather watch the dog jump than jump anyway..