Thursday, January 11, 2007

Snacks or Treats? A Quiz.

So, I was doing a little inventory in our house to see how many foods we had that were shaped like things. Here they are:

If these are meant for human consumption, they're called "snacks", if they're for one of the pets, they're called "treats". Your quiz is to identify which are for babies and which are for animals. Bonus points if you can identify which animal gets which treat.

It's semi-interesting to note that the intended eaters of these snacks/treats don't care at all about the shapes. The shapes are solely for the amusement of the treat/snack dispensers, not the eaters. This might not be the case for kiddie cereals, a source of lots and lots of food shaped like stuff, but, alas, we currently only have very boring flaky type cereals in the house.


Christina said...

Very funny observation that the colors and shapes are of no interest to the intended recipient. I'm sure my cats don't care if their food is shaped like a fish. They have never seen a fish. And my son eats chicken nuggets shaped like elephants, which is just weird.

Marc Snyder said...

Hi Christina! If our cat's hunting talents were reflected in her treats, they would be shaped like bugs.

Chicken nuggets shaped like elephants are a little scary!

Anonymous said...

ahaha, good observation :)

i like eating teddy-bear shaped cookies myself...