Sunday, July 08, 2007

50 Places Update - It's Spudnuts Time!

Since sending out "50 Places I've Already Seen" about a month ago, I've heard from a surprising number of subscribers telling me their tales of spudnutty goodness. In the book I had intentionally left out the exact whereabouts of my "places", hoping to inspire readers to fill in the blanks with their own beloved little spots. But information about spudnuts seems to be in demand, so for those of you that need a potato-flour-doughnut fix, the Spudnuts I had in mind was the Spudnuts in Charlottesville, VA, which happens to be the last remaining Spudnuts on the east coast.

Now, as our great good luck would have it, FIMP's Philosopher-In-Residence Paul Moriarty happened to be visiting our old undergraduate stomping grounds last week, and brought back confirmation that Spudnuts is still going strong.

My understanding is that as you travel west, you are more likely to encounter a Spudnuts here and there. These guys could probably give you directions.


Anonymous said...

There is one SPudnuts donut in the Gulf Coast, in Panama City, FL to be exact. Their Donuts are delicious,tender and it does not taste like bread, I think it is the potato flour that makes the difference.

Bill Higgins-- Beam Jockey said...

Prof. Kathryn M. Sherony of Purdue University is a collector of Spudnuts lore and has a small Spudnuts Museum.

For the Spudnuts story, circa 1952, see this: