Friday, July 20, 2007

Verse 2

Here's "Verse 2" for your viewing pleasure, continuing the little series of spin-off works from the Zero Sum Art Project. For some cheap summer thrills, I'm selling these on eBay with the auction starting at a penny - you can visit the auction to see a few details of the paint and collage elements.

The small crowd at the bottom is made up of bits and pieces from 24 Poets and 1 Astronaut, one of my linocuts from 2002. Never throw anything away - if you saw my studio you'd know I live by those words. Prints that don't make the final cut for an edition are always good as collage material. The palette for the little cityscape is based on an old postcard - that's an idea I first started playing with in Zero Sum #16. Ideas are something you can always return to, just like bits of old prints. . .

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